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Welcome to NIH-INDIA

NIH Indian Association, one that thrives on its assimilative nature and its vibrancy. It offers the perfect setting to nurture ones culture, talents and to rejuvenate ones thought and personality. It offers the opportunity to survive and grow in an alien/new environment, make friends, allows for the free exchange of thoughts/ideas and makes room for lively debates. Cultural shows and parties, movies, trekking, singing, dancing, masti and addas are par for the course for this lively lot!!

Getting down to our reason de etre, it is to provide the right forum for integrating the newcomer (to NIH) into life in the US of A, in NIH and to feel right at home in this atmosphere. To create a feeling of a home away from home so to speak! We know one has a million queries and doubts on landing here and this is where we hope to fill in the gaps for you, in whatever capacities, by answering queries and familiarizing you with all the necessary information and routines. We do hope to cover all bases in order to make life smooth and settling down an easier process, and have therefore added links to several important relevant sites and places.

How to subscribe to NIHINDIA: Send mail to with 'Subscribe NIHINDIA' (without quotes) in the body of the message. Or, you can visit the NIH LISTSERV site, click on the "Browse" button, find NIHINDIA, and subscribe through the web. You can also modify your subscription settings at To unsubscribe: send mail from your subscribing account to with 'unsubscribe NIHINDIA' (without quotes) in the body of the message.



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