Finally, summer is on its way ….

Hey Guys,
First of all, Greetings to all of you!

Its good that couple of guys (Manoj & Abhiman) took a lot of effort in organizing the NIH India website and posted some nice information on many useful things, a visiting fellow should need! I am also excited to see that there is a place to blog … Isn’t it good? Since the IPL season is over, may be we can talk about the upcoming soccer in June or blah blah whatever we feel like …. at the same time, making discussion exciting too. Anyways, I’ll call it a day here. Hoping to hear from others.

By the way, I realized registering here is easy, it wont ask for any details, except your email ID.

Have a great Weekend, — Vissu.

P.S. If people are interested in chess, there is Anand-Topalov world chess championship going on and you can find more info of it at

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